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Oversized Mattresses And Beds

At MAREE, we build really big beds. In fact, we build the biggest mattress you can buy anywhere. You can order one of our luxury models, like the Grand, Luxe, Empereur, or Mystique that are already bigger and more luxurious than what you can get in any store, or you can order your own custom size, which could become the largest bed in the world! Don’t settle for the largest bed size available in your local mattress shop. Contact us to get the bed size you deserve. Below are photos of our giant bed sizes; the male model is 6’0″ to show scale.


We are here as a personal concierge to walk you through every step of the process in creating your dream bed.



MAREE also offers a premium selection of oversized luxury linens, comforters and pillows, and bedroom furniture—all customized to fit the grand proportions of our beds. For more luxury for your large mattress, you need the best in oversized bedding sets. Contact us to get the luxury bedding that will be a match for your mattress and complete your bedroom with warmth and comfort.

Grand Size

Luxe Size

Empereur Size

Mystique Size

Custom Size