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Reimagine your most luxurious night's sleep

Expanding Luxury



If you’re tired of having to choose between industry standard mattresses that don’t fit you or your lifestyle, it’s time to step up your game and find luxury that few people experience. Our huge custom beds aren’t just large, they’re also comfortable and custom made. From the mattress to custom bedding, your Maree bed is made to order.

Our custom family beds for sale provide a place for your loved ones to shelter from the stresses of the day. A giant family bed will give you enough space for your children and pets to sleep in when there’s a storm outside or when you need family bonding time. A family-size mattress can improve family relationships as children won’t have to compete for space, and neither will partners. Check out our extra-large family bed options and see how they can improve your sleep.

Our custom-built beds are designed to deliver luxury, and when combined with our concierge service and luxury custom bedding, you get a beautiful bed that meets your space and design requirements. Our custom-made large beds aren’t just about the mattress—they’re about the whole experience from ordering to delivery to your next-level sleep experience.

Contact us to find out how we can get you the most luxurious bed in the business. Whether you live anywhere across the globe – we are ready to help you get the bed you need.